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Half size chicken.

Legend:  spicy spicy  

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Yangyeom Chicken (Half Order) Spicy

Sweet spicy sauce.
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Soy Garlic Chicken (Half Order)

Soy garlic sauce.
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Original Chicken (Half Order)

Signature seasoning.

Buldak Chicken (Half Order) SpicySpicy

Spicy sauce.
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Padak Padak Chicken (Half Order)

Sweet tangy soy-mustard sauce with green onion.
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Cheese Snow Chicken (Half Order)

Cheese seasoning.
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Haek Buldak Chicken (Half Order) SpicySpicySpicy

Fiery spicy sauce.
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Soy Gangjung Chicken (Half Order) Spicy

Deep fried chicken with spicy soy gangjung sauce.
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Vegetable Cheese Chicken (Half Order)

Deep fried chicken with vegetable cheese seasoning.